I’m Jenny! I’m just an average twenty-something aerialist trying to figure out this thing called aerial arts. My new years resolution is to get that bad leg split down, get my roll-down, and to write a blog about circus people and studios around the country!

But first, a little bit about me…

When I first saw the aerial acrobatics class listed on a course catalog while studying abroad in Argentina, I threw away my dreams of becoming a tango prodigy and replaced them with high-flying fantasies of Cirque du Soliel. I took my first aerial silks class in Buenos Aires in March 2012 and have been addicted ever since.

Then two years ago, I began a new profession for which I travel all around the United States and occasionally Canada. What I thought would be a major obstacle in my aerial lifestyle has turned into a tremendous opportunity. In the last couple years, I have been able to go to studios from Toronto to Dallas and many places in between. These studios have ranged from a couple silks hung in a community gym to parkour studios. And while being a full-time business traveler can be lonely, every time that I find a silk, I find amazing aerialists who share my love for aerial arts and I am uplifted (literally and figuratively).

The purpose of my blog is to share my adventures as a traveling aerialist, to bring light to the amazing people and studios around the country, and perhaps, world. I want to share my experiences to help connect the aerial community at large and hopefully, introduce more people to this creative, athletic, and ever challenging art form. I will try new classes and apparatuses to expand my own horizons as an aerialist and encourage readers to do the same.

Why am I the right person for this job? I am about to finish my fourth year practicing aerial silks. This makes me experienced enough to understand and write about the world of aerial arts, yet I  will still write from a student’s perspective. I also travel frequently around the country and annually around the world. I hope that writing from my unique perspective will help aerialists, beginners to experts, in seeking out studios in new places and building our aerial community as a whole.

If I have learned anything in the last year, it is that aerial studios are popping up in unexpected places. Circus arts are sweeping the nation and I intend on witnessing and supporting aerial enthusiasts and entrepreneurs across the nation.This is my first blog, and I’m sure it will evolve and grow as I experiment with being a blogger.

Follow me on Twitter @AerialTraveler and instagram TheTravelingAerialist

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jenny! This is such an awesome website! I was fascinated by your post about the circus in the forest in Brazil that you stumbled upon. I was wondering if you knew how to get in touch with the circus directors or anyone working there. I’m doing a research project on the power of circus to promote social change. I’ll be traveling to Brazil and wanted to get in contact with this amazing group of people. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you! erin m.


    1. Thanks Erin! I’m so glad you found it interesting. If you follow this link you can go to the website. It looks like the website isn’t that up to date but perhaps the contact info is still relevant:

      Telefone: (55) 75 3344- 1151(Falar com Paulo ou Mary) Email: circodocapao@hotmail.com.

      If not let me know, I believe I still may be able to hunt someone down on facebook who was there at the time. Good luck! Also, I’d love to read your research when your done!


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